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We Can Help You Claim Back Your Money From Mis-sold PPI

PPI Claims Made Simple

As the PPI claims scandal continues to dominate the consumer finance headlines, so more people than ever before are taking the chance to claim back the fees on mis sold policies.

Anyone who has entered into a credit agreement of any kind, including a mortgage, loan or credit card, may have been sold a payment protection insurance (PPI) policy, and may have the right to claim back the fees paid into it over the years. So far we have successfully helped get payment protection insurance compensation for many thousands of people, and we can help you too.

If you are asking yourself have I got ppi? simply fill in the online form and we will call you back at your convenience.

Claiming Is Simple

As we are experienced in helping people make successful PPI claims we are confident that our services will be of help to you. We understand that some people may be wary of using a claims company, but you can rest assured that while we handle the claims process, you can sit back and wait for your compensation award (as long as it’s found your PPI was mis-sold).

Here are some of the reasons why we believe we can help:

1: We have a team of  PPI CLAIMS SPECIALISTS on hand to give your claim the individual attention it deserves.

2: There are no UPFRONT FEES, as we believe asking for money in advance to be unethical.

3: Our NO WIN NO FEE* deal gives you peace of mind that there will be no fee if your claim is rejected.

4: There are no HIDDEN EXTRAS with our package, and we are more than happy to foot the bill for copies of paperwork that you may have lost.

5: Our charges are clear and simple: YOU PAY 25% + VAT on any funds recovered; that is all, no more.

6: We treat each and every customer individually, and all our clients are given a DEDICATED CASE HANDLER who will keep you informed of progress during the course of the claim.

Haveigotppi.org.uk have so far handled many thousands of PPI claims, and we are confident that we have the expertise to help you get back what is rightfully yours.



All You Need to Know about Payment Protection Insurance

Like all financial products PPI can be confusing thanks to the terms used in describing it. Below, we will try and explain the subject in the simplest possible terms.

How the PPI Scandal Came to Light

In 2005 the Financial Services Authority (FSA) looked into a number of complaints from customers who claimed they had been mis sold PPI. An investigation discovered that mis-selling of PPI was widespread. In 2007 the decision was taken to fine many of the perpetrators, and the regulations surrounding the sale of PPI were heavily revised. The law has now been changed to make it illegal to sell single rate policies and a High Court order means that all fees on mis sold policies must be repaid.

PPI Provisions Explained

After the High Court ruling the lenders were obliged to put aside money to pay back an expected onslaught of claims. So far it is estimated that some £13 billion has been allocated for the purpose, with the Lloyds Banking Group alone having to find £5 billion. Anybody who has been mis sold a policy is entitled to PPI compensation, and can claim back all the fees on mis sold policies.

It is entirely up to the claimant whether they claim themselves or use professionals to help them get back what they are owed.

How Much Will My PPI Refund Be?

The industry average payment at the time of writing is £2,750, but yours could be considerably more. We know of at least one that was in excess of £50,000. The amount you are awarded will depend upon the duration and type of the loan, as well as the amount.

Get Help With Mis-sold Packaged Bank Accounts Too

In addition to helping our clients win back their money from mis-sold PPI, we also help victims of mis-sold packaged bank accounts.

If you have a PBA and would like to find out more, this article on mis-sold PBAs should answer all your questions for you.