Call Scammers Use PPI Repayments As Pretext in Morecambe

April 24, 2015
by admin in PPI News

The Morecambe Police continues to warn residents about scammers using payment protection insurance as a pretext for getting bank account numbers and being paid in vouchers.

The police described the modus as beginning with someone who claims to be from the MOJ or any other UK government office claiming that the receivers have repayments for bank charges, tax returns or PPI compensation. Most of these callers have heavy foreign accents and fraudulent names.

Consumers are asked to provide their personal information and divulge their bank account information. They are made to provide a upfront payment claiming that these are service charges for the processing of the repayment.

Most of the modus request payment using Western Union or Moneygram services. The scammers often request that consumers purchase cash vouchers and share the reference code over the phone or through email.

Scammers use the pretext of using bank account numbers to withdraw payment from consumers. If you are aware that you’ve given your bank account numbers by mistake, contact your bank quickly to stop or check unauthorised transactions.