Clacton Resident Swindled With Premise of PPI Refunds

June 30, 2015
by admin in PPI News

Authorities are warning Clacton residents of PPI scammers targeting older folk regarding payment protection insurance. Rita Brunton of Coopers Lane, Clacton was almost tricked into paying more than £3,000, the equivalent of the PPI refund promised to her.


Brunton was told to withdraw £150 in cash to pay for the solicitor’s fees on the transaction. She refused to put the phone down on the scammers and alerted the police regarding the scam.

She said that the call was a complete hoax and described that the perpetrators said couriers would come straight to residences and deliver the paycheck.

The scammers told her their name and address.

PPI scams have become numerous in the last few years as the scandal continues to ravage bank industry profits.

Lloyds had recently received the largest FCA fine in history with £117 million. Lloyds is to add £2 billion to their total PPI refund bill.

The total UK bank bill for PPI is now at £26 billion with almost £18 billion paid out to consumers.