Defend Yourself Against Scammers, Including Rogue PPI Claims Companies

December 8, 2014
by admin in PPI News

Previously, we’ve shown you how to know if you’re working with a reliable claims management company. This time, we’ll tell you how to avoid being scammed by rogue PPI claims management companies. Almost every UK citizen, including children, are receiving large amounts of cold calls and text messages from rogue firms inviting them to make a complaint. This is one sign that your caller could be a rogue claims management company. Here are the others.

  1. Scammers Would Ask For Your Confidential Information

The target of scammers is access to your accounts. They may ask about your bank details. Always remember that regardless of how respectful, polite and charismatic the voice is behind the telephone line, never give your confidential details to anybody who claims they are bank employees. Most banks will just need you to answer a simple security question that you can come up with and the proper response.

  1. They Would Charge You Hefty Fees Up-Front

Rouge companies only want money out of you, so they would ask you to pay for at least half of the 25% they would receive from your refund up front. They will take the remaining half once they make your claim successful. Also, if they ask you this and have you pay before signing a contract, you might be working with scammers.

  1. Continuous Cold Calls

It is normal to receive at least two cold calls per day from automated messaging machines, but a continuous cold call from an unknown number indicates a rogue PPI claims management company. If you are receiving texts from personal cellular phone numbers, verify their authenticity and look for the claims company they claim to be and look for their claims regulation number.