Three Things To Help You Rise Up And Overcome Your Direct Redress Blues

October 7, 2015
by admin in PPI News

Three Things To Help You Rise Up And Overcome Your Direct Redress Blues

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The FCA is considering a possible deadline because consumers are quite “lazy” to make a direct redress for their mis-sold PPI policies. This is the truth; many are torn from using a proper Claims Management Company (CMC) or making the claims by themselves.

The watchdog could impose the deadline by 2016. The deadline comes around the spring of 2018. It’s time to get up, decide and make your PPI claim. We have these three primers to help you get started!

Expect Your Bank To Give You A Hard Time

From 2009, banks and lenders excelled in stopping consumers in their tracks. Some consumers report a cheque sent with the mail telling them they could make a claim for PPI refunds.

That lump sum will not cover all the repayments you’ve made for your mis-sold PPI. Only a proper claim for your refunds including every detail and evidence on hand can guarantee you could recoup your complete repayment.

Get All Mis-Sold PPI Details In Check

Good on you if you kept every single billing statement and receipt your received from your bank or lender’s monthly billing statement. If not, well, I speak plainly when I tell you things can get harder, but it doesn’t mean it has no solutions.

You could ask your bank or lender to access your information and procure the necessary details you ask for £10. This is money well-spent especially if you have lacking evidence and information signifying you have a payment protection insurance policy.

At least one billing statement or payment receipt under your name proves you made your payment for mis-sold PPI. But it will not guarantee a precise recoup of all your repayments.

Work With A PPI Claim Company

If you’re still unsatisfied with your bank or lender’s handling of PPI, a claims management company can help you get your refunds. But we’re assuming you’re listening to the authorities on this one; we’re out to get your money unfairly.

To tell you the truth, filling out an 11-page claims form with the Financial Ombudsman isn’t the fastest thing you could do. Should you make a mistake, you need to repeat it again. It takes an hour or two to accomplish the form completely.

If your bank or lender won’t respond immediately, you’ll have to make costly collect calls. You’ll be wasting gas money to head to and from the postal office.

Allow us to do that for you. PPI claims company representatives will and can do the legwork for you. We guarantee your complete compensation else you won’t have to pay us.