Two Elderly Couples Warn People Of PPI Scammers

November 19, 2015
by admin in PPI News

In Midsomer Norton, the elderly Snow couple received a call from somebody who claimed they were owed about £4,400 in PPI refunds. According to their son, Steve, his 82-years-old father was asked to purchase Paysafe vouchers worth £300 sold in Midsomer Norton’s High Street to pay for their processing fees.

The elderly Snow had purchased about £200 worth of vouchers as his credit card only permitted him such. Then, his father asked him about the insurance policy, wherein Steve pointed out the elderly couple never took out PPI in the first place and warned his father to keep the vouchers or cash it out to retrieve his own money.

He also asked his father to never give out his credentials and other personal details over the phone or to other people.

A Fair Warning

The Courts and Tribunals Judiciary Services warned residents of Midsomer Norton to be on guard against telephone scammers.

The Judicial Office described the modus as somebody who would claim to be a government employee dealing with direct redress pertaining to PPI. They would then refer the victim to the MoJ website.

Then, they would be asked to purchase money vouchers from Ukash, Paysafe or even through bank transfers to pay for initial processing fees amounting to hundreds of pounds.

The Judicial Office said the individuals plotting PPI scandals have no connection with the Ministry of Justice or other government organisations.