Hove-Based Company Raided for Millions of PPI Cold Calls

March 17, 2015
by admin in PPI News

A Hove-Based PPI claims management company accused of making six million cold calls daily was shut down this week by the Information Commissioner’s Office. According to investigation, the company is responsible for using automated dialling technology to contact 90 million numbers.


The company offers services for PPI reclaims, debt consolidation and others.

Reports indicate that people who opted out of the recorded text messages still received the unsolicited calls and text messages from different numbers.

According to ICO Enforcement Team Manager David Clancy:

“It is astounding to think this one small company has the ability to pester millions of people with unwanted calls on a huge scale.
“Thanks to this raid we have seized information that will enable us to discover where this organisation is sourcing their data and prevent them from selling it to third parties.
“The rules on making recorded messages are clear, and if the evidence proves the law has been broken we will act.”
Part of the ICO’s operation are retrieving computer equipment and documents from the site, which would help crack down on further PPI cold calls in the future.