How Much Could Telemarketers Be Charged For Automated PPI Calls? Apparently £145.3K!

July 10, 2015
by admin in PPI News

In the UK, it’s illegal to use recorded message calls for marketing purposes without the consent of the recipient. All recognised telemarketing firms will pay fines to the Information Commissioners Office when they violate these rules. But then again, there are still rogue companies about.

In the United Kingdom, thousands of claims management companies, excluding us here (we don’t believe automated calls will generate us bigger profits), exist and each of them are making cold calls every day.

One telemarketing firm was busted in March 2015 for making 6 million automated marketing calls to every UK consumer in the country.

In the United States, a Time Warner Cable Company lit up the phone of a woman 153 times. It was charged $230,000 (£145.3k) for their pestering.

In the UK, the ICO had made it clear that PPI claims company or any telemarketing company can face up to £500,000 for their violation. With the requirement that calls be “substantially damaging or distressing” removed, they now have the power to shut down excessive telemarketing firms without any notice.

But in the UK? As payment protection insurance is coming to an end, the UK faces scammers wanting to take leverage with your funding. There are also pensioners who are now the prime targets of cold calling scammers.

And also legitimate ones.