JME’s PPI Claims Handler Handling Is A Hilarious And Grim Tale Of UK’s Telemarketing Industry Gone Wrong

May 15, 2015
by admin in PPI News

Rogue claims management companies have been notorious for cold calls and text messages encouraging UK consumers to claim PPI on their behalf. It’s gone to a level that the Information Commissioner’s Office had put out a huge fine for any telemarketing company reported for abuse.

Chances are, even the UK’s top musicians aren’t spared from the PPI cold-call scourge.

Grime Artist Rapper JME received a call from a telemarketing company about claiming for payment protection insurance. JME or Jamie Adenuga, said he never had a mortgage or a loan.

As the cold caller talks to him, he decides to give him a private show over the mobile phone, as he goes to rap to him freestyle.

In this video, you’ll be laughing out of your seat. Let’s take a break from the PPI claims crisis and look at this hilarious take on telemarketers.