Lloyds Shares Hurt By New PPI Refunds Allocations

October 27, 2015
by admin in PPI News

Lloyds Shares Hurt By New PPI Refunds Allocations

It’s not new news that the Lloyds Banking Group is the biggest PPI mis-seller with a £13 billion total recompense for UK consumers. But investors are concerned Lloyds’ PPI claims package’s growth is at a faster scale. This fear had devalued the banks’ stocks with a gigantic 0.42 per cent reduction.


Lloyds was one of the FTSE 100 index companies who fell in value yesterday.

Investors Remain Optimistic Despite Possible Immediate PPI Refunds Package Increases

Optimism for Lloyds rallies as the Financial Conduct Authority’s move to end the PPI scandal by consulting for a possible deadline, making Lloyds’ PPI sins manageable.

However, analysts see that Lloyds could have as much as £20bn on its plate before the PPI deadline by 2018.

Jupiter Asset Management Fund Manager Steve Davies said Lloyd’s underlying profit were quite high and the bank is building up better capital even with PPI payouts.

He said his only concern would be if Lloyds’ PPI refunds package increased at an alarming rate within the last three years of PPI claims.

Lloyds is currently the worst mis-sold PPI offender with a now-total of £14 billion including its new £1bn allocation for the same financial scandal.

Partly taxpayer-owned, Lloyds has begun selling its shares back to the UK private sector. A drive-down of its share value could mean faster acquisition of the bank’s shares or might scare investors away.