PPI Agent Makes False PPI Claims to Earn Bonuses

February 3, 2015
by admin in PPI News

One PPI claims company employee tried to trick her company into giving him bonus payments and utterly failed. Jamie Lee O’Shaughnessy wanted to grab tons of incentives for each “sale” he made at a Preston-based PPI Claims Company.

He had set it up so he could earn more than £700 on top of his wages in just less than a month.

He was putting claims to the company for ‘documents’ that he had emailed to a list of potential customers. However, his bosses had discovered he had created the fraud email accounts to earn his bonuses.

Refund PPI Claim Ltd in Preston Docks had forwarded the breach to Preston Magistrates’ Court. O’Shaughnessy’s job was to use telemarketing to urge consumers to make mis sold PPI claims. If they agreed, he sent documents through their email. For every response he gets, he earns a ‘sale’, which earns him an incentive on top of his earnings.

He had been sending the documents using bogus accounts to himself. He had made it look like he was dealing with a genuine customer.

Now, O’Shaughnessy is pleading guilty to one count of fraud. He had recently become a father of his fiancée and he represented himself during the hearing. He was fined £240. He would also be paying £180 compensation, £24 victim surcharge and £85 costs.

Refund PPI Claim Ltd recouped £550 from his withheld bonuses.