Three Things You Might Encounter When Making a PPI Claim Against Lloyds

October 1, 2015
by admin in PPI News

Three Things You Might Encounter When Making a PPI Claim Against Lloyds

Lloyds is notorious for having almost every consumer mis-sold PPI in the last few years. With over £14 billion earmarked for mis-sold PPI, you might think it’s easy to make a claim with Lloyds. But it’s highly likely you’ll encounter these three things while you’re making a Lloyds PPI claim.

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Complete a PPI Claim Form

Lloyds Bank’s Website has a downloadable PPI claim form. Accomplish this lengthy but extremely important form before anything else.

Lloyds Didn’t Find Your Account

If Lloyds said it did not find your account, present substantial proof. However, if you don’t have any substantial proof, making a PPI claim could be troublesome. You can present all your billing statements and statement of accounts including PPI.

PPI could be named Mortgage Protection Insurance, Card Protection Insurance, Property Payment Protection and possibly any product with a ‘payment’ or ‘protection’ clause inserted in their names.

In any case, also bring evidence you were mis-sold PPI prior to the date of purchasing the insurance by presenting a medical certificate for your medical condition, a resignation/termination letter for unemployment or your birth certificate if you’re retired.

What Lloyds Can Do For You (By Law)

You have the right as a consumer to issue a data subject access request to ascertain if you have an account. You might have to spend about £10 to issue the request. But if you’re worth £3000 in refund, it will be a huge investment.