Before The PPI Claim Deadline: PPI Claims Company Earns Record Fine

October 16, 2015
by admin in PPI News

Before The PPI Claim Deadline: PPI Claims Company Earns Record Fine

We at value our consumers’ privacy. The consumer stories we share here we published with complete permission. Not that we’re carrying our own bench out there, but many rogue PPI claims companies are tarnishing proper establishments’ names including ours.

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Today, Rock Law Ltd, a CMC from Swansea, was charged a hefty sum of £570,000 by our regulator, the CMR. And rightfully so, may I add. They were forcing clients to make PPI claims.

That meant they charged no upfront fee, but ran you through an up-sell/down-sell chain that chargd you money and exploited you as you went along.

“Coercing” also meant some dangerous usage of private consumer information.

“An End To Cold Calls and Text Messages”                                      

Plenty of consumers are in full support of ending the mis-sold PPI claim fiasco that could materialise by 2018.

Consumers said they are sick of rogue CMCs exploiting well-meaning consumers who honestly have not the time to make a claim for themselves.

Rogue CMCs are also known for doing practices we highly condone as part of our working code with the Claims Management Regulation, which meant using cold calls and text messages.

You’ve probably received one of these text messages. Which is probably the reason why you hate making a refund direct redress.

Finding The Best PPI Claim Company

Again, I am not carrying the company’s own bench to tell you that is the best PPI claim company for you. But it is extremely important to read the fine print before you engage the services of a CMC.

Some of the wording could be tricky. We highly advise you seek help from colleagues or friends who may have used a claims management company and found a satisfactory outcome.