How Lucky Could You Be In Making Your PPI Claims Successful?

September 18, 2015
by admin in PPI News

How Lucky Could You Be In Making Your PPI Claims Successful?

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If there’s anything lucky, it would be earning your full refund for your PPI claims. If your bank is Lloyds, you could expect delays. The part taxpayer-owned bank has the guts to delay its consumers for more than eight weeks and still repay only a lump-sum that no consumer deserves.

Meanwhile, if you’re filing PPI claims against Barclays, you’ve got a better chance of getting a lump-sum before taking on a month or two to discuss your full refund.

PPI Claims: Luck Or Effort?

Some consumers tell stories online about their lucky successes when filing for payment protection insurance. Some say they just sent a single letter to their insurer and they gave back the cheque in full. Some aren’t so lucky.

Think about it. With millions of claims for PPI refunds filed by different individuals and claims management companies, it isn’t as easy to say that you could make a PPI claim and forget about it because in eight weeks or so you’re guaranteed your repayment. You’re putting in time to make that complaint successful. And if you miss your success, you start over and that’s another two months.

Maybe you should try working with a PPI claims company next time. You will pay a bit more for their services but you could just leave it and take it off your mind.