PPI Scammers Could Increase Activity Over The Holidays

December 24, 2015
by admin in PPI News

The UK government issued a warning that scammers may increase call activities over the holidays.

These scammers, who usually present themselves as government employees, speak about investigating mis-sold PPI and having come across the file of their target individual. They present the prospect of earning their refunds by paying for their service fees in advance. The scammers will tell of a person picking up the service fees, which could be in the form of cash vouchers.

A survey indicates that about 15 per cent of Britons lose their money to financial scams. From PPI scammers and bogus packaged bank account claims units, about 4 per cent of Britons have lost £10,000 while 13 per cent had lost about £1,000 to £10,000 to these crime organisations.

Scammers may also warn about a bogus email virus that included their mis-sold PPI details with their bank.

Call-blocking companies and the UK Government urge consumers to see that some offers from the phone, including those from seemingly-believable PPI offers, may sound too good to be true. They advise it would be best to leave the offers and instead call their respective banks.

The £24 billion mis-sold PPI bill is believed to be parallel to the amounts scammers have taken from unsuspecting victims of mis-sold PPI scams.