PPI Scammers On The Loose As Christmas Approaches

November 24, 2015
by admin in PPI News

Call blocking service CPR Call Blocker warn East Lancashire residents to be wary of PPI scam callers as Christmas approaches.

The calling service warns that plenty of residents, including the elderly, are at risk of receiving cold calls. The calls are coming from people claiming to be government groups investigating the insurance mis-selling. They tell their victims they can help reclaim PPI refunds on their behalf for a fee.

The modus is described as calling the victims from their homes, asking them to purchase cash vouchers. The scammer will say a colleague will come pick up the vouchers from the victim’s doorstep.

A previous survey by CPR Call Blocker revealed that about 15 per cent of individuals in Lancashire  lost their money to scams last year.

Around four per cent lost about £10,000 and 13 per cent had lost about £1,000 to £5,000 the previous year.

No Ties With The Government

According to the Ministry of Justice (MoJ), several scamming groups claimed to be government employees investigating payment protection insurance mis-selling. They are not involved with the government in any way.

An MoJ spokesperson said the MoJ currently isn’t investigating individual consumer cases of PPI mis-selling. They also said they wouldn’t ask for any up-front processing fees from consumers who might have been mis-sold PPI.