Legal Ombudsman Penalizes Rogue PPI Claims Companies

November 6, 2015
by admin in PPI News

Legal Ombudsman Penalizes Rogue PPI Claims Companies

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At we can assure you we give the best service possible. We don’t advertise through cold calls and text messages. That’s the reason plenty of our clients recommend us to their networks.

Not that we’re bringing our own bench here, but in light of the Legal Ombudsman’s penalisation of several rogue and loud claims management companies, we beg to differ. We tell you our fees and we often advise you to do everything by yourself if you could and if you have enough time to do so.

The Legal Ombudsman reported it had received 9,000 complaints about rogue claims management companies who had charged them unscrupulously. The remaining number saw a failure to provide the PPI refund at the right time and to provide proper advice.

Enemies on All Sides

Consumer groups, the British banking industry and the government had all condemned activities of claims management companies because you’re paying extra money for something you could do on your own.

Our justification as a legal entity is that we are here to support you as representatives but not as solicitors. Our no win no fee arrangement guarantees you get what you pay for. We are also known for providing the best possible service for the amount you will pay us and your refund will arrive on time.

But we have enemies on all sides. This is not the entire reputation of the industry.

Chairman of the PFCA, our industry body, said:

“There are some rogues which need sorting out. They need action taken against them and the regulator should use the mechanisms available to ban those firms.

“There is a major review to determine where regulation should sit and what additional powers they should have to ramp things up further.

“Professional firms absolutely want to do things in the right way. They are at a competitive disadvantage against a noisy few because they adhere to the code of practice.”