Swansea Has The Worst Reputation Of Mis-Sold PPI Scams

November 13, 2015
by admin in PPI News

Almost every quarter we hear of a scam erupting out of Swansea, rapidly destroying its reputation among Britons throughout the country. Like rogue CMCs that do cold calls and text messages, plenty of rogue CMCs in Swansea rip off their consumers at the slightest chance.

People just want to get their money back from mis-sold PPI and reputable CMCs like us won’t rip you off. We would only let you pay once we your refund has been secured.

McCaskill and Morse

McCaskill and Morse is one operation out of Swansea where they’ve ripped off several consumers. One story from The Mirror tells about Robert, a client who was misled he had mis-sold PPI due for refunds.

The Mirror’s Andrew Penman took his case in perspective after Robert paid £479 for his complete refunds up-front. However, he was only paid £20 monthly and even sent several letters that the claims management company could not get his full refund.

Robert was even told to do his claim on his own. How silly.

Rock Law Ltd

Rock Law Ltd was fined £570,000 for persuading consumers to have them fill out their PPI claim form and reclaim their payment protection insurance. They are forced to sign contracts without explaining in full the terms and conditions. The company was once again from Swansea.

Lifestyle Claims

The Ministry of Justice banned Lifestyle Claims from charging upfront fees after an investigation showed they owed 1,000 consumers more than £1 million. According to BBC’s report about Stephanie Graham, a former worker from Lifestyle Claims, the company banned them from telling consumers their claims can take years.