Three Pointers To Remember When Filling Out Your PPI Claim Form

April 24, 2015
by admin in PPI News

Time and again, some of us would forget about how the PPI claim form works. With over half the UK population reclaiming payment protection insurance, every UK citizen virtually has one chance to reclaim their full PPI repayment. Filling out the PPI claim form effectively is important. Take note of these three things when filling out your claim form.

1. Don’t Rush

The PPI claim form available from the Financial Ombudsman and claims management companies have eleven pages. There’s no need to rush filling out the form. The first part of the form needs you to fill out your name and basic information.

Time and again you may be confused with the information needed. Some of these questions require you to submit your account numbers. Make sure to read if it is an account number for your PPI policy or the loan or mortgage it pertains to.


2. Make Sure Everything Is Coherent

Your 11-page document tells in entirety your PPI story. Make sure that all information is relevant and accurate. Any error could result into a misjudgment of your payment protection insurance claim.

Most people would go for claims management companies for this very reason. Filling out an 11-page form could be exhausting and you may be tempted to get their service. But then again, you could always do everything on your own accord without much trouble.

3. Get Help From People

Individuals who had effectively reclaimed their payment protection insurance policies could help you fill out the 11-page form. Some of these individuals keep their original documents with them after their claim. You could borrow this and use it as a template or guide to make sue you effectively reclaim your insurance repayments