Three Ways You Could Find Out You Were Mis Sold PPI

September 22, 2015
by admin in PPI News

Three Ways You Could Find Out You Were Mis-Sold PPI

We believe that despite repetition, people must always know whether they have been mis-sold PPI.

A great number of consumers claim bank employees would always deny not sharing information about the insurance policy when consumers are about to make a claim. Banks would often use the ‘six years withholding’ limit where they could deny to hold any information about you or your finances if you’ve been mis-sold PPI for six years.

Don’t fall for such a trap. As long as one of these are correct, you are eligible to make a PPI claim.

You Were Told You Need PPI To Take Out Financing

Plenty of consumers tell us that their bank employee told them they needed to buy the insurance policy because it came with the loan. Without the policy (or without the option to replace it with another customer-chosen insurance policy), the loan is not guaranteed. This is unfair and consumers are eligible to make a claim for their PPI policy.

The Insurer/ Bank did not ask for your records

Remember, if you have a mis-sold PPI policy but you were already sick or unemployed, you are eligible for a claim. If you weren’t asked for any medical records, your birth certificate or have an actual interview before getting your insurance, you cannot make a claim. Instead, you are eligible to make a mis-sold PPI

You Were Mis-Sold PPI With Names Like

Payment cover

Protection plan

Loan protection


Loan care