Three Ways to Effectively Work With PPI Claims Companies

October 27, 2014
by admin in PPI News

No upfront fees, no spam calls and texts and the possession of a Claims Regulation Number from the MOJ are all signs you are working with a reputable company. But to ensure good service, PPI claims companies will need just a bit of your time to get what it needs to make your claim successful.

1. Have All Your Documents Ready

You have a stronger chance of making a claim successful if you have all your billing statements on hand. You could have a copy of your terms and conditions from your bank for a price less than 10 pounds. Having all these on hand, including all other miscellaneous transactions that had affected your loan’s interest rate, will build a better case to get all your refunds.

2. Work With A Company Near You

Most PPI Claims Company transactions would take place via phone call or emails. It wouldn’t make much sense to work with a company nearby right? Not really. Some claims could have location-based complications, and filing your claim in your area helps you get updated with this necessary information to let you know if your claim might be delayed or increased.

3. Have Everything Signed on Paper

Most PPI Claims Companies work on a no win, no fee claims management agreement. This means you do not pay them if they lose your case, but you provide payment, typically 25% of the refunds you receive in case it wins. Have everything signed on paper. In this way, the responsibility of your claims management company is limited and your rights are effectively asserted.