Where Do Most Britons Spend Their PPI Refunds?

October 22, 2014
by admin in PPI News

The amount of £3500 is definitely enticing for Britons to make a PPI claim. That amount could cover all the costs for the holidays. It is quite an easy feat to reclaim PPI. With the help of the Financial Ombudsman, your banks’ cooperation (if they do) or a PPI claim company, you could earn back that amount.

Meanwhile, if you’re not enticed by the amount, see her what you could use £3500 for.

  1. House Repairs

Property values are rising because of UK economic reforms. Your house should ride the trend with perfect scores. Repair your gas and utility lines. Make sure that your house’s foundations are intact. All of these could be done with a budget below £3000.

  1. Clothing

For many Britons, refund day was also shopping day. The holidays are fast approaching. The amount of £3500 could cover all the costs for holiday expenses, including the food, clothing and even your travel expenses.

  1. Re-Investment

It’s time you introduced something more to your ISA than just the annual less than two-digit percentage deposit. Re-invest your money. You could invest in the stock market or other businesses too. Start your entrepreneurship, you may earn more than £3500 if you have a solid idea.

  1. Cars

The amount of £3500 is enough down payment for a new or used car. Maybe it’s time you got a new vehicle. All of this is possible with just a PPI claim. So it’s important you know as soon as possible if you have got PPI.