Why Do Some CMCs Deserve Their Fees?

June 12, 2015
by admin in PPI News

Not to upsell ourselves with this post, but we’d like to justify why some legitimate claims management companies such as us deserve to be paid for our service.

We’ve been receiving negative reception from the media claiming we’re winning billions from consumers and banks for doing nothing. However, the life of a claims representative is not as easy.

We actually encourage you to do a claim by yourself. It’s completely free, if you don’t know yet. However, there are individuals who need someone aside from themselves to process their complaint.

It is understandable that you’ve seen the lengthy 11-page claims form you’ll need to submit to your bank. If you’re not too knowledgeable about filling out your claim, your possibly single chance to make a claim within eight weeks to three months could immediately fail.

Our premium is to save you the time and hassle in exchange for a part of your recompense. We believe we deserve that.

We will continue to warn you that a rogue CMC makes cold calls, sends text messages that are unsolicited and even have the urge to ask you for an up-front fee!

So beware. And do consider claiming with us. You could always head over to the Financial Ombudsman, but if you’ve got no time, there’s us!