Niece Accumulates £2,983 In Debt From PPI

November 19, 2015
by admin in PPI News

A woman received some shocking news from her niece having received about £2,983 in debt from an online catalogue company. The debt was caused by one simple thing: a mis-sold payment protection insurance policy.

Woman accumulates debt from mis-sold PPI

The niece admitted she didn’t know she’d purchased the insurance policy, which gives her the right to make a PPI claim. Recognising this right, the aunt wrote to the catalogue company in August 2014 to request a data access in the niece’s account history. The cheque was verified as cashed after they both received a reply acknowledging the receipt of the letter.

This is quite an embarrassing situation even though is not a bank or financial institution, but rather an online catalogue.

Contact The Parent Company

Recognizing as part of a bigger parent company, Shop Direct, a local journalist who published the question of the aunt verified that they have failed to contact Very but had Shop Direct investigate the matter quickly.

Shop Direct also went to say they had failed in many areas of their service not just with Very but probably with other brands.

As they sought direct redress for their payment protection insurance claim, the niece was refunded £1,816.40 of her actual debt.

These include the £995.35 refunded for her PPI premiums, the additional £547.27 interest charged on the debt, £87 for other losses, £152.23, which is 8% compensation and £65 for the refund of service guarantees.