Three Steps To Remember When The Post Office Returns Your PPI Claim

September 2, 2015
by admin in PPI

You’ve just sent a PPI claim to your bank only to find that the post office has crossed out much of what you’ve written. It’s not yet the end of the line for your payment protection insurance complaints. Here are what you could do.

1. Check If The Address Had Changed

Sometimes, the address you’ve sent to may have changed over the course of its travel. It may be a long shot, but there are cases that this could happen. It would be best to re-check if the address you’ve written in your claim letter is still occupied by the same company. You could check online listings, which are often updated.

2. See If You Could Contact Your Insurer Directly

If a third-party client of your bank offered your payment protection insurance, then you could claim your payment protection insurance from them. You could send them the claim letter and wait for a call or a letter from their end.

3. Still Returns? Address It To The Bank’s New Address

If the bank or third party insurer doesn’t respond or offer you a refund, you could check with the Financial Ombudsman to assist with reclaiming your complete refunds.