Always Remember The Following Before Making Your PPI Complaint

July 2, 2015
by admin in Uncategorized

It won’t hurt to know about the important details of making payment protection insurance. A great number of our clients usually forget the following when making their PPI complaint. Take heed and save time in the Financial Ombudsman with the following tips!


  1. Documents

Billing statements, original terms and conditions, the first billing statement and an invitation from your bank are the first things you need to have. These documentation makes your PPI claim amount more precise and hopefully quicker to process.

  1. How You Were Mis-Sold?

Claim centres will want to know how you believe your broker mis sold PPI to you and claiming that you did not have any use for it at the time is not a good explanation to increase your refunds. Detail your claim and tell them how you were mis sold.

  1. Consult

It would not hurt to consult with payment protection insurance claims companies due to the fact that one: they would not charge you for consultation and two: you could rely on them if you haven’t time to make your complaint. You possibly have only one shot at making your insurance complaint to get your refunds and the best way to get it back is by being accurate.