Pensioner Warns Of PPI Scam After Being Conned £5000

July 4, 2015
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A Boston pensioner warned people, including those in their retirement, to be aware of PPI telephone scams as he was swindled £5000 by the criminals.


The anonymous 73-years-old tipper was told he was entitled to a £22,000 payout for payment protection insurance compensation. He was frequently called and the scammers pressured him to pay upfront fees to release his cash. The total amount he delivered was £5000.

He said:

“I thought after all my years’ experiences that I’d never fall for such a scam.

“These people really had the gift of the gab and they just sounded so professional – I thought I’d done my research, making sure that the address they gave me was real, but they were always one step ahead.

“I felt embarrassed and angry when I realised I’d been scammed, but now I’ve come to realise that there’s no point in going over it. All I want to do now is make sure others don’t fall for the same trick.”

According to Principal Trading Standards Officer at Linconlnshire County Council Kirsty Toyne, if you receive a call that you’re entitled for a large sum of money, always be suspicious even if they ask you an initial upfront payment to release it.